Nastar Cheese Cake
Gula Pandan Jawa Cake
Mocca Nougat Roll
Bolu Jadul Keju/Ceres
Bantal Keju/Coklat

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SMS/WA 081280265398
line: spatulaandfriends


When should I put my orders?
We gladly take your orders far ahead of time, but we give a minimum time 3 days prior the date you want the cake/cupcakes to be delivered. For cookies/cake pops and or goodie bags order, please place the order far ahead of time.

What is the size of the cupcake?
Regular cupcakes: the bottom diameter is  +/- 5 cm
Mini cupcakes: the bottom diameter is +/- 3,5 cm

How long can I keep my sweets?
For cake/cupcakes can take up to 6 days if you refrigerate them. In room temperature they take up to 3 days.
If you are planning to keep them longer, put them in an airtight container and put on freezer. To enjoy, leave them to reach room temperature. 

For cake pops can take up to 2 months if you refrigerate them. In room temperature they take up to 2 days.
For cookies can take up to 2 months in the airtight container or in its jars (as long as it doesn't break)

Can I put the 3D decoration cakes/cupcakes in the refrigerator?
You should not refrigerate a fondant covered cake/cupcake. The condensation that can occur when you defrost or bring to room temperature can destroy the finish of the fondant. The scientific reason is that sugar will pull in the moisture from the cold air and then release it when at room temperature. 
So, how do I storage 3D decoration cakes/cupcakes?
Fondant is a preservative for cake and will keep the cake fresh without the need for refrigeration. Your cake/cupcake will be fine if left at room temperature.

However, after you are done celebrating or taking pictures with the cake/cupcakes and or the figurines, you can refrigerate them.
If you wish to keep the decoration, just take them out of the cake/cupcake and put them in a food container or a box. Keep them out of direct sunlight and they can take to a year. The colors will fade away gradually, and if so, please do not eat them. 
Why do the delivery fee applies flat rate?
We use a special cake courier service that will deliver your orders safely. 
If you wish to avoid delivery charge, you can pick up your orders in Wolter Monginsidi or Bona Indah Business Center (coming soon)

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