Nastar Cheese Cake
Gula Pandan Jawa Cake
Mocca Nougat Roll
Bolu Jadul Keju/Ceres
Bantal Keju/Coklat

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Dessert Table

Package includes decoration, delivery and setting for Jakarta area
We can customize the package for you, just inform us 

Simple steps on choosing your dessert table:
1. Choose your basic package below
2. Choose the desired sweets on the Choice of Sweets list
3. Not enough sweets from the package? Just add your choice of sweets with the Additional Food
4. Need more sparks on your party? Just choose our Party services
5. Please inform us your desired theme, date, time and venue of your event

Simple Dessert Table  
4 choice of sweets, each 1 set

Sweets Dessert Table  
5 choice of sweets, each 1 set

Cake Away Dessert Table 
1 pcs cake 20cm
6 choice of sweets, each 1 set

Cupcakes 20pcs/set
Mini Cupcakes 60pcs/set
Buttercream Cake 1 pcs 15cm cake/set
Cakepops 15pcs/set
Chocolate Lollypop 25pcs/set
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 20pcs/set
Customize Decorative Cookies 20pcs/set
Customize Chocolate Bar 18pcs/set
Lollypop Candy 20pcs/set
Brownies Bars 24pcs/set
Macaroons 12pcs/set
Pudding chocolate/strawberry 24cups/set
Popcorn in cups 20cups/set
Fruit Pie 20pcs/set
Eclairs 20pcs/set

Additional Set of sweets 375,000/set 
Chocolate Fountain 1,000,000
Custom fondant cake start from 800,000
Buttercream cake/Ombre Cake start from 500,000
Macaroon Tower big (100pcs) 1,500,000
Macaroon Tower small (50pcs) 800,000
Mineral Water (330ml) customized label 120,000/24pcs
Bottled Juice customized label 240,000/24pcs
Beverage Tower (+/- 3liters) 500,000/set

E-Invitation 1 set 75,000 
Printed Invitation 10x14cm 1 set 50 pcs 250,000
Thank You Tag 4x5cm 1 set 50 pcs IDR 100,000
Printed Menu 10x14cm 1 set 50 pcs IDR 220,000

Place Mat 1 set 50 pcs 220,000
Bunting start from 5,000/pcs
Kit Kat (2 bars) Wrapper 1 set 45 pcs IDR 150,000
Kit Kat (4 bars) Wrapper 1 set 35 pcs IDR 175,000
Cupcakes Topper 5 cm 1 set 45 pcs IDR 100,000
Tag/Sticker 5cm 1 set 45 pcs IDR 100,000
Indomilk/Frisian Flag Wrapper 1 set 30 pcs IDR 150,000
Aqua/Nestle 330ml Wrapper 1 set 50 pcs IDR 135,000

Party Decoration start from 1,500,000
Balloons Decoration 2,500,000 for 400 balloons
Backdrop 2D 500,000/meter
Backdrop Printing 2x3meter 1,000,000
Banner 1x3meter 700,000
Banner 75x120cm 500,000 
Pinata (2D, semi 3D, 3D) start from 350,000

Styrofoam 3D characters start from 500,000

Table Setting Decoration 200,000/pax (for minimum budget 2,500,000)
Material: plates mat, napkin ring, drink coaster, straw flag, place cards, garland, photo props, thank you tag/label
Decoration: flower, balloons, other thematic ornaments
Additional: sweets and favors
Photo Booth A IDR 5,500,000
Unlimited Prints
Photo Properties provided
Exclude Booth Decoration 

Photo Booth B IDR 3,000,000
300 pcs prints
Exclude photo properties
Exclude Booth decoration

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