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Heavenly Brownies

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Round heavenly brownies for birthday gift. It is delicate brownies with nutella spread, strawberries, marshmallow, kinderbuenos, choco malts, almond flakes and nutella drizzle

Flowers Cake

3D buttercream flowers cake for a mom's birthday

Frozen Cake

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Frozen cake with edible image of the birthday girl and cookies and cakepops for favors.

Pocky Cake

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pocky cake for birthday, inside is Chocolate Chocolate Cake

Heavenly Brownies

New in our kitchen: heavenly brownie with nutella spread, kinderbuenos, choco malts, marshmallow, strawberries with nutella drizzle so yummy

Pocky Cake

Pocky Cake, inside is chocolate nutella cake

Frozen Cake

Frozen cake and goodiebags for birthday

Barongsai Cake

Barongsai cake for the birthday boy who is fascinated with lion dance

Lipgloss Cakepops

Lipgloss cakepops for corporate events

Superheroes Cake

Cookie monster cakepops

Bunny Cakepops

Chocolate Nutella Cake

A delicate chocolate nutella cake covered in chocolate, with almonds on the side

Frozen Cake

Frozen themed cake

Tennis Cakepops Hampers

Tennis themed cakepops hampers

Hotwheels Cake

Owl Cake

A pinky owl birthday cake

Panda Cake

A very cute panda cake!

Pocky Cake

Pocky Cake, inside is Chocolate peanut butter cake

3d flowers cake

Flowers cake for birthday

Panda Cake

Panda big cake for birthday

Naughty Cake

Naughty cake with a specific request to make the testicles so big hahaha

Golden Crown Cakepops

50 pcs golden and brown crown cakepops for an event favors

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