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Harga 3,000,000 saja sudah dapat 1 paket cake cupcakes tower+ dessert table:
1 Cake fondant 20cm
30 pcs cupcakes, disusun 3 tingkat, paling atasnya cake
1 Paket Simple Dessert Table (4 pilihan sweets)
Termasuk delivery, setting jakarta
*cake cupcakes tower bisa ditukar dengan cupcakes satuan untuk suvenir

Open PO for Idul Fitri Hampers:
Simple Hampers IDR 300,000
3 jars 500grams cookies in pretty plastic packaging

Simple Box Hampers IDR 250,000
2 jars cookies 500 grams cookies in pretty box

Macaroons Set IDR 300,000
24pcs assorted macaroons in pretty box

Eid Hampers IDR 450,000
2 jars cookies @250grams
Jam, Honey, Cereal, Choco Spread
Tea, Coffee, Juice
Cereal, Chocolate, Candy
In an exclusive packaging

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Carwash Cake

Friday, January 31, 2014

Auto carwash cake for a 3yo who insisted this theme for his bday cake... so cute haha... glad to hear that the birthday biy is very very happy..and not letting anyone to cut the cake..hahaha

1 comment:

  1. thank you for making Danu's dream bday cake come true, He just Love it to the max. not Letting anyone touch the cake.. LoL


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