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Minions Party!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Minions cupcakes, minions cookies, minions cakepops for a birthday party! So cute

Army cupcakes

100 pcs of army cupcakes. All decorations are edible except for the soldiers.
The tank is made from wafer and tiny cakepops with a pocky stick covered in chocolate.
The hat is made from choco balls and marshmallow..coveeed in chocolate.
The grenade is made from modeling chocolate.
The stars, the planes and the army prints are from chocolate

Set of 1 cupcakes

Monday, October 14, 2013

30 pcs of set of 1 cupcakes for a 4yo bday at school. Blue box for the boys and pink box for the girls.

Cake and macaroons tower

Cake, cakepops and macaroons tower all dress up for 1920s style.. with white - gold - black theme. Love them!

Minions cake

Minions are invading the carnival party. It is a carousel cake with minions in carnival theme. Just love at how festive this cake is

Minions Dessert Table

Minions and pocoyo in a carnival theme dessert table. We have cupcakes, cookies, cakepops, fruit pies, popcorns and macaroons

Cowboy cake

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cowboy cake with some handpainting job for the silhouette.... the hat is also made from real cake.

This cake was made for a 60th bday party which held on a cowboy themed restaurant &bar..with a cowboy themed party. What a perfect combination!

Really happy with the cake..


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Avengers cupcakes...

Owl cakepops

Owl cakepops

Up cupcakes

Up cupcakes for anniversary  the requst is to make carl and ellie young

Thomas the train cake

Thomas the train cake from buttercream decoration...

Wedding cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes for being part of decoration of Lia and Temmy's wedding in Dome of Harvest Lippo Kawaraci. They ordered 24 cupcakes for display

Minions cakepops

Minions cakepops and macaroons with the same theme yellow and blue
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