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Custom Buttercream Cake 20cm 700,000
3D Flowers Buttercream Cake 20cm 900,000
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RedRiding Hood

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Red riding hood and the wolves cupcakes

Savoury Side

Smoked beef and cheese chiffon cake gets even more yummy with extra cream cheese and grated cheese topping

Honey Bee Cake

Honey Bee Cake, a simple yet very cuteeee cake
Love that the birthday girl is very very happy and all the guests compliment the cake for being cute and delicious!

Chiffon cake

This nutella and cheese chiffon cake is a hit! Available daily, this order is for birthday in the office, perfect for sharing!

Birthday Chiffon Cake

Celebrating simple birthday with chiffon cake. Glad to hear that everyone in the party fall in love with this chiffon cake!

Birthday Gift

Birthday gift for friends with very yummy chiffon cake

Celebrating birthday

Celebrating birthday with chiffon cake

New Products: Chiffon Cake

Friday, September 18, 2015

Great news! We have new products, which already become our best seller!
This chiffon cake is moist, full of flavor, such a hit! Order now!
Chiffon Premium
Chiffon Chocolate topping nutella cheese
Chiffon Smoked beef and cheese
Chiffon RedVelvet cheese topping

Regular Chiffon (no topping)
Chocolate Classic

Mini cupcakes

Pretty mini cupcakes for office gathering

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